SayHi Chat - how to create account?

so here is interesting app which is called say hi chat i meet new people uh so let's just install it and see how it works so 3000 ratings the app size is around 100 megabytes 118 megabytes so here you can just find nearby people probably you can just do video chat messaging send gifts um and then there are a bunch of options you can also see the map with there will be interesting people and say hi chat can help you to find new people nearby you're going to fall in love with chai chat by these features find out people nearby interact with people by sending video chat with people text messages voice messages like a cow talk socialize with exquisite gifts you can see every message status you can upload your video share your moments and get rewards and all of that so yeah let's just open it up there are a bunch of like you know video messaging apps a lot of them are pretty scammy and low quality but there you have it so if you want to create an account you can just create your account with apple facebook twitter or tick tock or old school email so i usually uh just try it with apple id if i'm on iphone because that's actually pretty fast and that's the yeah for me that's the fastest way to do it then uh you just still need to enter this information gender can't be changed one set uh so then you kind of need to add your birth date and then just register so you can set up your avatar so okay you can just add your profile picture uh and then yeah you can just register you can allow notifications and stuff and there you have it now you're in the app here is how it looks like there are a bunch of options there are different chats there are different contexts and there is your profile [Music] and there you have it so that's it i don't know about anything about the quality of this application because as i said like some of the applications can be pretty scammy so just be careful but they're still in top charts in the app stores people want to hang out with each other and have some like chats especially if people are lonely and stuff so but yeah just explore i haven't used this app before but let's see how it works so hope it was helpful

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