School in GAS app has 0 members - what to do?

so if you are looking at the gas app and you find your school so your school is available in the list but it just has zero members so if you select that uh yeah gas is not available at some school and you will receive a notification to claim your username or your school is available so like it means that they pulled a list of old school high schools in United States schools available grade but there are just zero members there yeah I don't know how the process then works that's the issue for a lot of people right now probably then you can just reach out help and try to uh get members yeah just ask when your school will be available and that's basically the idea um so yeah hope that can be helpful um you can also if your school is not appearing in the search results again you can just write them to help at gas app that so this app is growing super fast and it's just being released state by state so maybe just wait a few weeks and update the app

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