Schwab Mobile app quick preview & how to create an account?

hello there so just quick super preview of Schwab mobile app uh it's quite popular app as you can see for the users of this service 618 ratings um and then yeah buy and sell stocks ETF mutual funds options and more right from your phone you're committed to transparent pricing and low cost transfer as many accounts as you want to swap get more details by shop comprising so yeah like Charles Schwab is one of the you know oldest uh apps like to do in investment and some people uh like say this like it's just too complicated especially if you just go on a desktop it's like you it feels like you need to be like really professional Trader not just like a person for just starting out um that's why you had a bunch of apps like Robin Hood and all of that but still you can say that it's like pretty you know traditional but it's a stable app kind of and it's very well known institution so some people like to be conservative with their finances they don't like you know day trading like on Robinhood putting like hundreds dollars here and there like every five minutes so like and they just prefer like this more conservative services um so yeah here you can just open an account open and find your account and get 101 dollars from Schwab to split equally across the top five stocks in the S P 500 plus education and tools to help you take the first step then you can just open any types of accounts or a bunch of those brokerage retirement automatic investing check-in custodial small business estate planning independent advisor Solutions so yeah for example you want to open this up in open individual brokerage retirement so you can open traditional IRA automated investing so you can also open that checking um so yeah small business State planning independent advisor Solutions so you can also try that out um so yeah that's what you can do for example I want to open automated investing account open swap intelligent portfolio and then I'll just be redirected to the website because yeah usually in these Banks you can only create an account on the website not in the app and then the process can be quite long so it's it's it's not easy so then you can just see what they want to use this account for saving for retirement and then you can just select so how much do you want to invest to get started how many years from now will you need to start withdrawing funds from this account how much do you want to contribute each month and then for example that's uh what you can see some projections how much investment value fluctuation would you be comfortable with one year from now and then here is just kind of select okay let's select this option [Music] and you can just this can be your asset allocation so stocks 64 fixed income uh Commodities and cash and then you can just regulate regulate it on this slider uh with portfolio with higher risk and return potential we have more stocks which generally means you're willing to tolerate more filtration in your initial investment over the course of a year our portfolio is always and return potential will have more fixed income so uh yeah something like that so then you can just dedicate more to stocks and um or you can just select this and then you will have fixed income and it's like a pretty interesting calculator I would like to have a globally Diversified portfolio I would like to have more exposure to you as Investments and then here you can just see for example asset allocations which you can have like stocks 64 percent uh us large company stocks uh and then fixed income which is being divided to bonds treasuries inflection protected bonds investment grade corporate bonds International and then commodities it's like gold and then cash like 8.5 percent so yeah that's what you can have uh menu investment to start five thousand dollars now advisory fee charged so that's what where you can just start and it's like long onboarding process so here you can just do that and then yeah so what you will need uh social security number or tax identification number U.S permanent resident address employer's name and Mile and address if applicable so there you have it uh these three things you need to have to create an account and then yeah just provide your personal information and SSR and date of person you can proceed from here so yeah it's kind of long process but you can do it from here just from your phone hope that is helpful

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