Scribd app overview

hello so here is scriptd app best books audiobooks magazines podcasts and more so you can create an account here or we can just just browse around in the app to see how it looks like so of course you can say that there is like kindle and there are so many apps but everyone likes his own style his own collections of the apps here you also have like magazines you can see some correct at least like the best new books here uh created by script editors uh so here what you can see some cool books and then you can you can play sample you can start a try free trial and listen for 14 days but then you will need to upgrade here you can see in the second tab you can see top charts so they are quite uh related to what is trending already on amazon uh so that's what they have here um yes some overviews you can bookmark uh you can remove from bookmark so yeah something like that then you have saves titles then you have your account um yeah made in san francisco so this is one of the like startups which actually has grown pretty fast and then if you want to start a free trial you can create an account and then uh yeah then you can upgrade so yeah this is the app basically very simple to understand very simple to use but that's what it is so yep hope this is helpful

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