SECU app how to install on iPhone?

hey everyone so here is secu app sacco app uh it's north carolina's titan place credit union so you can just quickly register here [Music] and then just access your accounts easily just from your mobile phone or use touch id of ice id point click deposit pay your bills communicate directly with sekou so so to create and to register you just need to enter your existing member access user id and password answer your security question or enter one time passcode set your new passcode for additional security setup touch id of ice id so i just opened up i will show you just the work whereabouts of this app uh start setup um so here you need to enter existing member access user id and password to sign in for got user id you can contact 24 7 member services you can restore your password and then you need to be enrolled to enroll now you can also do it from the app just tap on the link and then you just need to enter a 16 digit atm debit card number enter your three digit voice response number so there you have it so that's basically how it works hope it was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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