See who liked you in Gas app - guide

how to see who liked you in gazab so in this app you joined with your school and you have a school friends from either from your grade or from just from other grades and all they are answering like this uh Anonymous polls so like your school friends are in these polls and you are in in the polls which they are answering to so yeah then you can just go to inbox and then you can see all the Flames meaning that someone voted for you here um so how to see who liked you so like uh here you can just see uh all these flames um and yeah then you can see that someone is voted that future first round draft and then you can just tap see who sent it and then you will just reveal the name uh to to be able to see that you need to have access to the god mode so just tap see who sent it you need to upgrade to the god mod which is 6.99 dollars per week and then yeah you will just be able to uh to upgrade and see that how it works basically per week you have two reveals so then you can just reveal full name exactly who wrote it through but you can only do it twice per week and then you can have unlimited hints which is like the first letter of the first name of the person who want to choose this type of stuff you can just do unlimited if you have a god mode sometimes though uh you you will see like a ghost icon and uh and uh you won't be able to to see who voted for you even if you have a Guard Mod because the person who voted for you also you had a god mode and then get the app is just hiding it

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