SeeYa - Date & Chat app - how to create an account?

here's interesting app is called sia that's chat and make friends so in case you are not satisfied with tinder or bumble uh any other dating app maybe you should check out this one sia is your place to talk great home for our communities and friends where you can stay close and have fun our texts and voice whether you are part of a school club a gaming group a worldwide art community or just a handful of friends that want to spend time cm exit easy to talk every day and hang out more often c is free to download also there is some subscription plans you can have one month subscription 29.99 when your subscription 49.99 yeah so it's like 49 1990s yeah it's a good deal if you want to start with it so then you can just easily sign in with apple so you can just continue with touch id and yeah here you can just create your account then you just select your gender um i'm just trying to sign in actually seems doesn't work come on now it should be working seems it's a bit buggy but the network is okay signing this for iphone so let's try that but then i'll just use some my other phone number for the sake of this demo so then i'll just use text now app by the way give a try to this app it's pretty fun then i should just enter it here and then for some reason i just can't create an account so anyways um hope this was just a preview for you definitely give a try to this app it's in top charts in the ass app store so maybe it's an interesting app

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