Sending a kiss in obimy app

okay so how to send a keys in a bimi app so just find your friends tap on the profile and then here you have uh different types of keys so in the warm section you can just send simple keys and then just tap on that and then it's it's being sent also there is like playful here you can some kind of like a bite and then also you can send like a french keys so if you just tap and hold this is like what's happening so it's like pretty fun so this app if you don't understand what's happening it's like a sense that your app that's how they describe themselves where if you send these emotions you will see that uh you will see that in in the timeline so your partner will see all of that in in their timeline and probably there also will be some vibration and the phone vibrate and instead of writing like you know long messages they will just receive this stuff in their timeline and it's pretty fun because sometimes you don't need words sometimes you just need to send this smart senses

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