sendit app quick overview - ngl alternative

hello everyone so uh in this video i will try to do a quick overview of sanded app uh which is kind of like the main alternative to um to ngl uh so ngi app is going viral right now um if you see like top apps right now at this moment i was just checking out so this is ngo anonymous q and i q a app uh where you can basically post questions uh on instagram and your friends can submit answers anonymously uh so basically yeah i was just planning to do a video around send it send it app was there much longer period and it's basically the same scene as ngl just for snapchat so here it is you just create your account and then you just can create these prompts some questions uh and then you can generate uh some like random questions like this you can change the font so that's basically it i think ngl actually took a lot of like prompts and ideas from from ascended app and people are like hey you you are stealing some but i think it's uh like you know it's the the issue with standard app is that it's a bit harder to include on instagram and that's where uh ngi app is really good but anyhow this is the app uh so for example i like this prompt so i can change the background uh try to do that um okay i like this background and then i can just tap share and then i i will open my snapchat so you need to be logged in in your snapchat account and this is how it looks like and then you just record the story and then you can just tap send to in in the bottom right um so something around it um and then you can see like and that's basically it so then people can uh see your stories uh i already did one so for example i'll just show you around so here's i send ngi link and here is the send it and then you need to tap to reply and then that's basically how it looks like something around it and then just tap send it you can also generate some random replies and then send it and then you will receive this message so you can just do that and then this message should appear here in the inbox so then you will see that i just received this message and i can just i can just see this so that's basically how it works and then there are some settings some trophies which like you know some gamification you can get five responses you can get uh the more interaction you have with this app you had some trophies i don't know how to use them also here uh you have a bit more advanced prompts and more versions and designs of prompts compared to ngl so you can have like trendy now you can see which prompts people are using a lot you can see all other templates and all of our other games so you can also use some games here and yeah so that's basically the idea so then if you tap in top right you can see your settings uh you can see your settings you can change your name uh you can hide dice messages uh you can update your bitmoji or so that's because it's connected to snapchat but yeah there you have it so the the amount the one like uh downside of this app is that i don't know how to copy the link here maybe for some people it's a bit like you know it's uh complicates things but like i would just want like also to copy link and share it for example on twitter and or instagram but i just don't know how to do it seems like the snapchat is just ingrained here and you can only tap share and it shares only on snapchat it would be really amazing if there is like a snapchat but like just share a button and i can share whenever i want this link then i think it's it would be really amazing but overall this is how the app looks like hope you enjoyed this overview so if you don't like ngl you can try out send it and vice versa

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