sendit IG - how to share link on Instagram & get anonymous questions? NGL alternative

hello so here is send it up and recently they added a new feature where you can ask questions anonymous questions on instagram so before send it up was only for snapchat then there was another viral app ngl and as i understand they had some court filings against each other and now you can you send it also for instagram so to do it just tap copy link tap share and then you will see this button where you can just add the sticker tap the link button and tap to share so something like that then you just need to open your instagram so then you can just tap an image or something like that and then maybe it will just uh then you can just a picture sorry add a picture and then you can just add link and tap to pass this link it's it's quite long and then you can just move it like this and then you can just share it like that so that's what you can do and then uh yeah then you can just share it to your story for example or something like that and then just tap share so that's basically the idea um yeah that's how you do it remember that some of these apps like ngl and send it they i think they acknowledge that they actually can generate both questions and some of the questions you get it they might not come from your friends but they can just be like brought questions so that's the idea hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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