sendit: Q&A on Instagram - APP OVERVIEW

hello so here is uh interesting app which is called send it q i on instagram so this app is one of alternatives to ngl app which is not gonna lie app for anonymous messages so this is ngl anonymous q a and then this is just another app if you don't like ngl if you don't trust in gel you think they're like your data is not private or stuff like that and then you can just open up this app and then copy link and then tap share on instagram and then you need to have your instagram app downloaded you can tap next tap to share and then that's basically how it might work and then yeah basically tap on sticker in top part and then you can just search for link and then here you just need to pass that link so it works exactly the same as as uh ngl app but it just uses like send it brand or something and then here is the link so link here is not that fancy like it's it's a bit very long and stuff like that and then you can just uh also add some additional features and then you can just tap to share in your story so just share that and that's basically how it works um so yeah that's the idea and then you see the story like this and then you can just visit the link from here and then you can just send anonymous messages type a message and then you can just send it so for example you can just do this and then then the message is sent and the point is that nobody will know that who sent this message so for example just in this demo video you will see that in box one it means that someone sent you a message and then in this inbox you can just open it up and then there you have it so now someone sent you a message and then you can just answer it on instagram so here you can also see the jira icon in top right and then here is your settings you change your name you can yeah update sanded insta or something i don't know you can just update it you can connect to your instagram and this is basically yeah this is looks like sending original sanded app but original sended app is not available on instagram it was developed for snapchat and that was that the app which basically introduced these anonymous q a features which are also and this app is also like very popular and then so here it is send it get it now that's the original app you can see 637 000 ratings um so that's basically that um so that's how it works um so yep that's the idea um so hope uh you like it and uh thank you for uh watching in case yeah you you don't there is this another app which is called ngl anonymous messages which recently went viral and it went in the top chart in the app store and uh that's basically how it works but yeah some people don't like it some people think it just has so many auto generated questions and um yeah that's how it works uh but it's still it's still a really good option for instagram for snapchat you always had send it app but anyhow hope that is helpful and try it out thank you for watching

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