sendit: Q&A on Instagram - NGL ALTERNATIVE?

so here is app called send it q a on instagram um so let's just uh get it and this is one of the alternatives for ngl app which is not gonna lie app which went viral um recently where you were able to create your own not gonna lie link post it in instagram story and get anonymous messages the rescinded app original app which has the same features but only for snapchat send it is on instagram reply on your instagram story create send it instagram link reveal your messages then you can just open the app so let's just see how it works and and then yep so then you can just tap enter and then here is the app overview you can allow notifications for that you can allow contacts if you want and then yes basically just tap copy link and then tap share on instagram and then in your inbox you will see all the messages which are coming to you via instagram so that's basically how it works hope this is helpful

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