Server issues in Dream by Wombo app - what you can do?

here's what i see when i open wombo dream by wumbo app it says vr experience server issues some requests might not result in a dream art don't worry our own boards are on it and then i can just open the app anything that's basically that so the issue is that this app just went through the top charts in the app store and probably zero server wasn't ready for it so my advice would be just to literally try either in few hours or just another day or try for them for the app update usually if you really want to try this app also i would suggest to try it uh in during the night time in us so because majority of users for this app are coming from us so let's say um yeah so the period from like uh like 1 p.m eastern to 6 p.m eastern time in us is one of the most active period and also on weekends i guess this app will be spiking in popularity so try to use that either in the morning on weekdays or like during the night on weekdays not weekends or during the night time on weekends so that yeah that can be it can be better and maybe you will avoid these server outages

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