“Services included with purchase” - iCloud notification

Apple's iCloud service recently introduced a new notification feature that informs users of included services with their purchases. This notification appears when a user activates a new Apple device, whether it was bought from an Apple store, Best Buy, or other retailers and promotional deals are available. Below are the key points highlighted in the video transcript:

  • Users are notified of promotions when setting up a new Apple device and entering their Apple ID.
  • Promotions can include services such as Apple Arcade free for 3 months or Apple TV Plus free for 3 months.
  • Users are able to accept these offers without requiring additional purchases.
  • The offers have expiration dates, requiring users to redeem them before a specific deadline.
  • Examples mentioned in the video include receiving three months free of Apple Arcade and Apple TV Plus upon purchasing a Mac from Best Buy.

The iCloud notification ensures that users are aware of the additional services they are entitled to with their purchases, making it convenient for them to access and enjoy these offers without any extra cost. By providing users with this information upfront, Apple aims to enhance the user experience and encourage engagement with its various services.

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