Session messenger app - full overview

here's session messenger app is super interesting it's like super private messenger app and it's quite different from telegram or from signal so here is how it looks like session private messenger developed by Lucky project session is a new breed of private messenger built on a new network on a unique network of user operated server spread all over the world there's no Central server session can't click or sell your data and be sessions private routing protocols your messages are completely anonymous fully Anonymous account creation decentralized server network no matter that login IP address protection close groups private end-to-end encrypted group chats for up to 100 people secure attachments free and open source session is free as in free speech free as in free beer and free of ads and trackers that's pretty cool and it's built and maintained by the optf Australia first privacy Tech not-for-profit organization some very interesting app so let's just open it up and then just tap start the session so that's basically that's how you start a new conversation and session app and then how it works you don't add friends here or like create a group chat you just enter session ID or NS name and here is my session ID here's how it looks like I can copy or share it to other people and then they will be able to add me and start chat with me in case I just enter in my own uh uh session ID it will be just note to myself similar as some slack or on messenger you just write it yourself so in case you need to note something or send like a voice note to yourself that's basically how it works and then you just have all this sessions in one place in top left you just have all the settings uh then you have pass so as you can see it's pretty interesting here so session hides your IP by rooting your messages through multiple service nodes in sessions decentralized Network these are the countries your connection is currently being routed through so me United States United Kingdom and service note in Lithuania and then destination it's pretty cool like yeah that's pretty interesting approach to making your messages more private and it's called onion routine onion routine network is a network of nodes or which users can send anonymous encrypted messages on a network encrypt messages with multiple layers of encryption then send them through a number of nodes so sessions on your routine system known as online request uses auctions network of aux and service nodes which also power the aux in cryptocurrency um so that's that what else here that's your username you can change your profile picture uh you can use QR code to scan me and then I will start a session with you then you can enable dark mode here for example okay if you like that more you can see message requests you can see all your chats uh you can see a recovery phrase that's kind of similar as you have in matamask or some uh uh like cryptocurrency wallets similar as here they have same approach and then clear data if you want that this will permanently delete your messages sessions and contacts in wider front you can invite a friend add a friend here have some feedback debug log uh so yeah that's basically the idea uh yeah hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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