Session - Private Messenger - app overview

here's the app called session private messenger it's getting more popularity and traction around the world so let's just explore uh how it's working and why customers are loving it so you have this app on iphone and ipad and of course this app is in the niche with signal app or with um you know with telegram or something like that the apps which have a bit more focus on security and encryption uh secure account recovery private secure conversation encrypted file transfer so let's explore so no one ever knows who are talking to what you are saying or even your ip address fully anonymous account creation no phone number or email needed to create a session id decentralized server network no data breaches no central point of failure no matter data logging sessions doesn't store track or log your messaging metadata ip address protection device ap addresses are never exposed to the person you're talking to or the servers holding your data close groups secure attachments free and open source session is free as in free speech free as in free beer and yeah it's free of ads and trackers and it's built by and then you can ask about how does it make money uh okay so session is built and maintained by optf australia's first privacy tech non-for-profit organization so let's just open it up and then you can link a device or you can create session id [Music] and then i can just continue and i can enter like then you can select some notifications and then you can just start the session uh and then here is new session and then basically you need to uh to start a session you need to get this session id from someone else then you can see it for yourself and that's basically how it works uh so um so there is also this recovery phrase your recovery phrase is the master key to your session id you can use it to restore a session id uh yeah i don't want to reveal it but yeah and then to start the session you can send a direct message but then you will need that session i did there there is also open group so you can also join one of these groups or scan a qr code so for example the group around crypto and then you can just message here i'm just discovering so basically everything is holding around the session ids and yeah so to chat with someone you need to create the session id and share it with someone else that's basically the idea then you see group settings so it's similar to whatsapp group um and you see there aren't that many users yet um like cryptochat is only like just under 2 000 people users at the moment so this app is not that viral yet but maybe it will it will be soon it's interesting concept with this like session encryption and all of that so yep then you can you can go here discuss with people you don't know who is who like so for example here i can just join session group i can't see any messages yet it says 3250 people then you see anonymous someone and that's basically how it works i hope this was helpful

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