- is it a scam for YouTubers?

so here is uh i just want to show you so i'm doing some youtube videos here is emails i got sometimes so i can get like emails from this email domain saznam dot sees that which is like check here which is like email domain from czechia uh like so some um yeah some people are just writing to me like hey we want to advertise we have advertising cooperation for youtube from valve you have very interesting youtube channels that we would like to use to promote our product valve and then they just offer some steam deck is a fully functional functional gaming pc design but while while it's a massive uh gaming company then they send kind of like stripe team collaboration but if you see that's a clear scam stripe company at cisnum sees that so i don't think that the stripe operates under this email so the point is they just send in this really attractive offers like from microsoft or from offer to collaborate with movavi which is a cool stream recording software pixel matter some other big names and they're just offering checks like hey we will just pay you eight hundred dollars so like three thousand dollars depending on number of your youtube subscribers and there are like really nice checks just for reading for 30 seconds their ad or something like that but how it looks like so i just want to share with you as i think this is like a clear scam so you should be careful especially as a youtuber because i got this offers for my youtube email channel uh so basically they are sending you this and then i in the beginning i was just really believing that uh yes this is some valid company maybe they just have some office in czechia yeah that was me and then i just sent them could you provide more details uh and then they were like uh yeah we can send you a an archive on google drive so then i just had that archive uh opened and it was sent to me on my email and then uh yeah then i just open it and that archive is under some password so i'm asking that password and then they just send me some password sometimes this archive can be opened sometimes not when it's opened it's some exact file and it's never like can be read so that's that's about it and yeah so that's how it works uh and then like so you need to be really careful especially on windows laptops uh when uh you have these exa files it can be easily be a virus or some you know some malicious software

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