Shared Tab Groups in Safari on iOS16 - feature preview

so with new update in ios 16 there will be a feature in safari which is called share tabs so that then you will be able when you're creating a new tab in safari so here i have safari and i can just tap plus that's i create a tab right now but you will be able to create a shared tab similar as you can create you know like a shared album in like google photos by the way in apple photos there will also be a feature like to share album and uh you will be able to share this website tab with uh with your friends with other users and that's a cool feature and here you can see some early preview and then you can see people with who you shared these tabs so you don't need you know like to go to copy the link go to messenger or whatsapp signal and then just you know i copy the the link so this is a faster experience so it will be available with ios 16 so it should be released soon

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