hello everyone so instagram introduced instagram reels but some features don't really work that easy yet uh so one of these features is just sharing instagram reels so when i want to create a real for example let's just take a look and right in my real here i can just preview it tap next and then i can tag it i can see advanced settings anything but how do i like share this reel to to anywhere else not like just on on instagram it just allows me to share it as it is oops sorry so now this reel is shared here it will appear in in the real tab so as you can see this is it and then from here i can just tap on three dots in the bottom and i from here i can share it so now i can share it to facebook like imessage i can just share it here like that i can share messenger on facebook anywhere i want also i can just copy link and save it whenever i want and then just go to some app and share it i can also just airdrop if i'm on mac and just airdrop to to my macbook pro other thing i can do i can just add drill to my story or send it to to some other instagram friend account uh yeah so that's basically how you do it also another way to do it is just you can save it to your camera roll and then create like a facebook post or post on anywhere else and then just upload to from from your camera roll so these are the options but the thing is that unfortunately you can't do it all of it just from from when from the time when you're creating your instagram reel there's a share button but there is no like a toggle also share it to facebook so you need to share it and then you need to go to this instagram reels tab and only from here you can share it so that's the process um hope that is helpful visit my website subscribe to my youtube channel check out my podcast on spotify and thank you for watching

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