Shazam on app start - how to enable?

Here is a handy feature with the Shazam app, which I find quite useful - Shazam on app start. With this feature, you can enable the app to start Shazaming instantly when you open it. To enable this feature, simply go to the settings menu, located in the top left corner of the app. Look for the gear icon and tap on it. From there, you will find the option to enable Shazam on app start.

Now, you might be wondering why this feature is so handy. Well, imagine you're in a club, a cafe, or even in your car, and you hear a song that catches your attention. It's a cool and nice track, but you only have about 15 seconds to identify it. I've been in this situation before, and let me tell you, it can be quite frustrating. By the time you open the Shazam app and tap on the button to start identifying the song, precious time has already passed, and sometimes the app fails to recognize the song.

Enabling Shazam on app start eliminates this issue. When you open the app, it instantly begins listening and identifying the song playing around you. This feature saves you those valuable seconds of tapping the Shazam button manually. It may seem like a small improvement, but it can significantly speed up the process, especially if you frequently find yourself in situations where you need to Shazam multiple songs in quick succession.

Of course, not everyone may find this feature necessary. It caters to a niche use case where time is of the essence, and missing out on discovering a song can be disappointing. For those who want to make sure they don't miss out on any great tracks, enabling Shazam on app start is a great option.

By enabling this feature, you can streamline your Shazam experience and make it more efficient. So, if you're an avid Shazam user who loves discovering new music or simply someone who likes to keep up with the latest hits, I highly recommend giving Shazam on app start a try.

In conclusion, Shazam on app start is a handy feature that can save you precious seconds when identifying songs. It eliminates the need to manually tap the Shazam button, allowing you to instantly start Shazaming as soon as you open the app. Whether you're in a club, a cafe, or even just sitting in your car, this feature can make your Shazam experience much more efficient. Give it a try if you find yourself frequently using Shazam, and enjoy seamless song discovery with just a few taps.

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