Ship Dating and Matchmaking app - how to use & full overview

hey everyone so here is sheep dating and matchmaking app it's becoming quite popular and it's climbing into the charts in the app store so let's just go through it why why it's more using more people are using it the idea is that now you involve your friends in the dating process well for a lot of people it can sound awkward but there is a audience for that for example i don't know if you're shy or you just don't have time to find find matches or you're in a situation you haven't dated anyone in a long long period there are many scenarios where you just need a little bit of a help a little bit of a push from your friends or colleagues and yeah so this is the app for that so date someone your friends already like set your friends up used to take so yeah so the idea is that i will show you all the steps here that you just create a free account on this app you invite your friends and then your friends can find a match for you or you can find a match for your friends both ways so here is the app when you create an account you just select either you're single or not if you are single then the app will be kind of a dating app for you if you are not single then you can use this app to find a match for your friends so here in the top part you can just select matching from myself or if you have friends here you can select to match for someone else so then you can just allow the location or yeah decorating an account is super fast and straightforward and then you need to add your location to have more matches i'm not sure however if this app is really international it only works in us so it just depends and then you will just have all these matches appearing here and you can just start matching so in this way it's just a standard kind of matching process similar to tinder but then here you can just add your friends so that tap add friends you can sync your contacts you can just copy in white link share it via whatsapp or whatever and then um you add your friends uh you can also create a chat here with your friends and just keep chatting keep collaborating in a group chat and the idea is that you can then start finding matches for your friends and then you can create like a group chat and invite your friends if you think that this person is good for your friend you can create a group chat and introduce her or he to to your friend and so that's the idea and then you will see matches you can see who who liked you and all of that so then it's important to set your preferences who you want to meet up with you can see the distance that's the standard setup here and then of course you can edit profile you can add your pictures highlights uh background lifestyle all these questions aren't asked in the account creation phase so you can just add all of that later you can preview preview your account here um and then again you have preferences then there is your account uh you can see activity and updates if you want to enable notifications um yeah then there is a help center so basically if you want to submit some support requests or something like that you can do it here and then if you're not happy you can always just tap delete an account from here you can also log out from the bottom so that's about it that's that unfortunately yeah so probably it's just not available in europe yet uh but yeah if you try it out in your ass it should just work for you uh also there is a feature to ship party start a video chat with friends and then you can just invite friends to the ship party and just watch uh video chat and just for example decide that you're in the with your friends sitting together and you thinking okay he or she is not dating anyone so let's find him a good match we think that this person can be actually be a good match and then you can just do it together on this app and uh yeah just for fun decide that this this two can be a good match and then you will start a group chat here and just yeah start the process so interesting concept i'm not sure if it will work for everyone probably some people just want to keep their date in life for themselves keep it private but i don't know there are probably there are many people who need that little push here so that can be useful anyways i haven't used this app a lot but i just like the concept so if you used it and if you find found someone on this app just leave your comments below super interesting to know why why are you using it in the top part you have charms so that's how this app is monetized so let's see what our charms so you can use charms to earn up you can earn or buy charms to activate perks so perks are special features so charms are some in-app currency you can just use the everyday actions so if you just invite a friend or join the app you can just get some free charms or you can just purchase so there you have it so you can purchase charms for like 100 for like 0.99 2000 charms is 9.99 um so yeah uh and then you want to unlock perks so that's uh see who likes you unlimited likes unlimited shipping that all for that you need like charms and you need yeah so that's how it works and then you can see charms activity so welcome because i signed up for that now i have 100 charms so there is no like a premium uh app here so you need to yeah there is no monthly subscription but you just buy this charms and then if you want to see who liked you or send unlimited likes or send unlimited likes on behalf of your friends which is called shipping in that so yeah sorry guys i can show you like the full experience but it's just not available in europe but i hope you like the idea the concept i think it's super fun and yeah so please like this video subscribe to my youtube channel um also visit my my website mr and check out my podcast mr hakio so i just do some like tech news reviews there so it's pretty interesting and yeah so thanks for watching see you around cheers                                                                                         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