Ship Dating app - how to create an account?

okay so here is sheep dating and matchmaking app it's uh it has a bit different angle compared to tinder other dating apps so in this app you can involve your friends into dating experience so let's try to install it to an iphone just type cat and use your touch id of ice id to install and it says in the description friends help you find dates so yeah uh your friends find matches for you so you can so in this app you also have your friends and maybe friends of your friends can be interested in dating experience for you or something like that uh so interesting concept i haven't seen it before so let's just explore it and then let's try to create an account so here you select either your single or not single i guess then it depends on your role in the app if you're not single you can just help your friends to find a date so this app can be useful for people who are too shy or who just don't want to like use the date and experience completely by themselves or who need some like push or help maybe i don't know and if you are using this app just tell in the comments why are you using it and why it works for you okay let's just add some email then i can just uh ah i i can just skip that you need to add some photos here so i can just add some of the photos so it's not the best quality but so yeah something like that you can skip what you do for work for you for school you can allow notifications or not so the standard process you can add your friends follow the activity yeah and then yeah just set up matches so yeah you can sync your contacts you can add friends and yeah so that's the idea you know you can add friends again you can in the top you can match for yourself or you can match for your friends you can start chat here at friends and yeah anyways that's how you that's how you create an account i will try to record another video about the overall experience with the app i just want to click around and see how it works hope it was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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