Should you upgrade in Emmo Mood Diary app?

okay so here is ammo moon diary app so how to upgrade in this app to get vip app basically so when you create a mood diary tap on the plus icon at the bottom tap on the plus and then when for example you want to upload video or recording or any picture just tap on that and you then you can see that it's only available in ammo weep so it's called uh permanent member of mov package and should you upgrade so first it's just it's just one time purchase of 199 so it's not monthly fee is just one time purchase then without ads you can support multiple image inserts you can adjust images and local speakers and local themes all fonts color palette colorful diary advanced features so all of that so that's the idea basically so that's how you upgrade if you bought it there is no way to cancel it because i think it's only one time purchase so you don't need to go to the settings app or app store app and from there to cancel the subscription so there it is i hope it is helpful                                    

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