Should you upgrade in Face Dance app?

here is viral face dance app so should you upgrade basically the one scene like if you tap settings and then tripod for free then you can see like that your photo is being animated here and then uh yeah that's basically the idea and then you can see that uh it costs like 45 okay danish chrono per week or uh yeah it will be around like seven dollars or some or i don't know six dollars per week us dollars or you can also buy a lifetime so that's also pretty good offer so buy in lifetime or it's like 29 or something it just depends i'm in danish app store uh but yeah uh there you have it uh and then yeah you can try that and yeah so that's basically the idea uh what you can do here um yeah but yeah the main thing is that you need to upgrade because the waiting time when you creating generating new images is just so long and every time generating a new image the same day it's just become longer and longer so yeah that's that's that

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