Should you upgrade in Velomingo app?

so should you upgrade in willamingo app so if you're trying to use this app and basically here you can just tap raw in the top right and then you can see that you can upgrade and create stunning videos with unlimited templates for 39 dollars per week so that's pretty expensive that's not per month that's per week of course doesn't make sense to upgrade to per week and then use it like on your devices so as soon as you start to use it for let's say like more than two months uh then just upgrade to yearly tire and then also you can upgrade for here so what does it give you first unlimited templates because probably in the free version you have just some limitation in the number of templates however I still was surprised that there is huge selection of templates even in a free version and then if I tap save here's what you get so basically you can save it in the high quality and then you can remove Watermark so if you really need these templates these videos in the high quality you need yeah you need to upgrade and then if you want to remove Watermark you also need to upgrade so these are two features other than that if you just for you know just for hobby just for yourself it works perfectly well in a free version and you can export these videos usually in these apps you just can't export if it's if it's not paid here you can do that so yeah definitely works but of course if you need higher quality and Watermark removed then you need to upgrade in some apps they also have like faster processing times with this app so basically it means your templates will be generated faster probably it's not the case here so there you have it I hope you enjoyed this quick overview yeah definitely give a try to this app I think it's it's amazing also check out other apps from this developer it's really well done

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