Should you upgrade to Carpin Premium?

hello everyone so here is carpin app so should you upgrade to premium so you should just tap in top left then you will see all the features and then try now for three days for free so kerpin premium is featured in 40 plus countries and it has full access with the three-day free trial what it does basically this premium version is that it you can create unlimited circles you can unlock all location history you can have unlimited user tracking so that's basically it so that's how it works uh yeah so the main advantage i guess is that you can create unlimited circles uh and yeah you can create circles for your family circle of friends like colleagues all of that if you need that um you can have all the location history and track all the users as you can see here in the top left so you can just go there like yeah and just check in and track users in all these places so yeah hope that is helpful um you decide i think this is really a nice app there are a bunch of apps in this category like live 360 um yeah just bunch of other apps you can use some i think some of them are integrated in facebook but yeah this is the app and it's very nice simple design very minimalistic and easy to understand and easy to use so hope that was helpful

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