Should you UPGRADE TO FINCH PLUS in Finch Self Care widget?

here is finch soft car widget pad app and the question is like should you upgrade here is finch plus so let's let's explore what you will get so plus users forex more likely to stick with our self-care goals so first you can just unlock all additional exercises if you try to do a quiz or like you know some other like motivational goals or listen to some sounds so it just basically unlocks additional features just like in any other app more insights in the into your path mailbox customize the app daily shop deals you can get 50 of deals and more items and support your mission you can support the developers so it's either yeah default plan is a yearly plan 39.99 for for 12 months and then you have some die free trial or should i free trial 599 per month um so yep that's the idea um that's how it's it's working um so yep something around that so for example if you want to you know just have some have some quiz for example so you see some quizzes are free and then some quizzes are require subscription and then some reflections are free and then some of them require a subscription and all of that so just to unlock these features you will need a subscription should you upgrade i don't know maybe try it out like as a free app for the first few days and if you like it and this app is more like a swiss army knife like of self-care goals and self-motivational features so try it out and yep so and then see if it's working for you

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