Should you upgrade to GamerLink premium app?

so should you upgrade in gamer link app if you yeah if you go to your profile um there is an option to upgrade in the top right go premium so what are you getting so it's actually not that expensive 36 dollars per year or 4.99 per month if you're getting a yearly account this is pretty okay so you can support the development of gamer link stand out with an epic avatar border and connect with more gamer faster so reduce post and bomb cool down add free experience so no ads and then for example if i want to create a new [Music] post here i see that i still have a cooldown because i can't create post money post instantly and i just created another post so this this barrier will be removed when you just upgrade to premium so for example if you want to start a game in fortnight you you started the post it's right nobody's joining you want to create another one so you can do that you need to wait like 15 minutes or something so that that can be unfortunate so yeah i think if if you are playing a lot of games during the year like 36 bucks or something it's not it's not that much and if you want to enjoy like team games where you're playing with more like veteran players and is more experienced people this can be a nice choice like 36 dollars but yeah it's only if you're playing like every month at least per year so then it makes sense so what do you think

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