Should you upgrade to Locket Gold? Is it worth it?

The Locket Gold is an upgrade option for the Locket app that has recently been introduced. But is it worth upgrading? Let's take a closer look at what Locket Gold has to offer.

To begin with, in order to access Locket Gold, you need to update the app to the latest version. It is not clear which countries this upgrade is available in, so it is advisable to check whether it is accessible in your location. Moving on to the price, Locket Gold costs $36 per year or $3.99 per month. This moderate pricing places it in the lower to mid-range compared to other similar apps. It's not exorbitantly expensive like those that charge over $100 per year, but it's also not as cheap as a $2 monthly subscription or a lifetime deal for $20-30.

So, what do you get with Locket Gold? One of the notable features is the ability to record longer videos, up to 10 seconds. This is particularly useful for those who enjoy sharing videos on Locket. Additionally, you can now upload photos directly from your camera roll, a highly requested feature that enhances convenience. Another perk is the option to add longer captions on your photos, giving you more flexibility in expressing yourself.

Locket Gold also offers an intriguing feature that allows you to see who has opened your lockets. This can provide valuable insights and add a new dimension to your Locket experience. Furthermore, Locket Gold allows you to have an unlimited number of friends on the app, compared to the limitation of 20 friends in the free version. This expansion in social connections is bound to be a welcomed enhancement for many users.

Apart from these features, there are regular updates and monthly feature drops that keep the app fresh and exciting. These additions further strengthen the value proposition of upgrading to Locket Gold.

In summary, if you are an avid user of Locket, regularly engage with the app, and have at least five friends on the platform, upgrading to Locket Gold is worth considering. Unfortunately, there is no free trial available, so you will have to commit to the upgrade without experiencing it beforehand. However, based on the features and pricing, it seems like a good deal. Therefore, giving Locket Gold a try could be a smart move for Locket enthusiasts.

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