Should you upgrade to NoteIt Premium?

so here is a noted app uh i'm talking about this one this app went wild about months ago in the beginning uh yeah maybe in the middle of february also there was like a locket widget app and like with this app you can add widgets and then um [Music] yeah like uh draw some paintings and this uh sends this pattern paintings to the partner um so [Music] yeah now there are a lot of updates and basically now you can also upgrade to premium so you can unlock all advanced drawing tools link as many friends as you want unlock all picture filter effects remove ads edit text colors fonts and picture so you can just do that upgrade to the weekly premium monthly premium or yearly premium just do that upgrade and there you have it then it should work um so yeah just tap on that this crown icon in the top right of course you can restore it your purchase if you purchased already and then you can remove these annoying ads which yeah which are quite annoying um so something around that um yeah so that's the idea uh hope that is helpful and see you around

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