here's bitcoin app just tap on your profile in top left and then uh here you can have free subscription tap change and then here you can subscribe to premiums bitcoin premium so just tap on that and then here is what you get and then you can upgrade for uh 24.99 per year if you choose yearly plan if you choose monthly plan it's 4.99 per month so earn double sweat coins for every step you take so based on your average daily steps you would earn two thousand seven hundred sweat coins per year on premium so that's you get uh so then you will have access to premium marketplace and auctions donations from premium users are doubled by sweat coins so your impact goes twice as far custom app icons and that's it and then there is like seven day trial for free and there which you can try so what is bitcoin app so the idea is that it just connects to your health kit and if you're working a lot you're earning cryptocurrency which is not released yet for your steps so just by walking with your phone you earn some like swat coin which will be released during this summer maybe later there are there are not that much details and then maybe you know this token can take take off maybe not maybe it will be another coin which is worth nothing so yeah that's basically the idea of it and that's the app i'm not sure if it's completely legit or not but that's what it is at the moment

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