Should you upgrade to WONDER AI PRO?

should you upgrade to wonder ai pro version so if you just tap on your profile and top right tap on your icon in settings in top right and then wonder pro you will have like faster processing unlock 50 plus styles under limited artwork creation so probably the like you should do it if you really enjoying this app and you create a lot of images because this is faster processing means that instead of like you know like 10 20 seconds it can be almost instant the image generation and then of course you will unlock more styles here so instead of just these abstract styles you can get more styles and that's also uh what you can try and then no ads also even like with a weekly subscription is 4.99 per week so it's this app is not cheap if you're subscribing weekly it's like 20 dollars per month it's pretty expensive but uh you can also just get then like yearly version so if you're trying to use it for like one and a half months or more two months just by yearly subscription it will make sense for you and then there is three day free trial on the monthly plan so you can easily tap and subscribe like that uh so something around it however i still have a few bugs here and there in this app to be honest so i'm just trying to generate image it worked well before but now after an update there are some issues so yeah probably because they're just overloaded with users that's what it is

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