Shuffles app - GLITCHY, BUGGY, doesn’t work - what you can do?

so shuffles app by pinterest seems to be quite glitchy i'm just going here through the reviews of the app uh a lot of people really like it and it's i need to say i also got invite and it's really great app i love this app a lot especially because it's so easy to use and there is no ads but it can be kind of glitchy which i'm not a huge fan of uh but on that it's great that's what people are saying here the app is okay but very glitchy i got this app yesterday and i was so happy when my friend gave me a code i'm not sure why we all needed codes and it was a hassle because nobody really had any codes that worked anyways the app would randomly kick me out and not not let me go back in unless i delete it and go back into it deleted and redownloaded it four times having a lot of technical issues front profiles one plot uh for you part is completely blank but for me uh for as on my phone um like i have older iphone 7 and it works pretty well so yeah seems it's working okay so that's about it also some people say i reinstalled it many times now and the app never gets past the loading page after the animation i click to login with my pinterest account and it gives me this error the data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format [Music] and we just released a new update uh it should be fixed anyhow so that's uh that's about that you can always reach out to shuffles at i hope this was helpful

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