SHUFFLES APP - how to LOG IN with Pinterest?

here shuffles by pinterest it's a new app which is going quite high in the top charts it requires invitation codes though but um to log in with pinterest you just open the app and then i need to have pinterest app installed and in that pinterest app i need to be logged in with other account with which you want to log in into the shuffles app so i just have like pinterest here and then pinterest app which is installed and then i have my account and yeah automatically it shows me continue with this account i can also use different pinterest accounts so just type here but then i i'll need to enter my sign in credentials here for email and password so that's basically that's how you sign in to shuffles app with your pinterest but you can just tap it but then unfortunately it says shuffles is invite only right now your pinterest account is on the white list follow us while you're waiting so then you can just follow them on pinterest um you can there you have it um this is the app maybe you can no it's not possible to message or dm them and then uh yeah you can follow them on instagram ticktalk and then if you want you can enter an invitation code here in the bottom but obviously you need to have one so ask your friends maybe they already have access or yeah something like that hope that is helpful

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