SHUFFLES APP is by INVITATIONS ONLY right now - Overview

so when i tried to create an account in the shuffles by pinterest app i entered the screen which says shuffles is in white only right now um your pinterest account is on the whitelist so i signed in with my pinterest account you need to sign in either by having your pinterest app open or entering your like sign in pinterest sign-in credentials but then it says it's in white only so you need to have invite code which you can enter here in the bottom i don't know like how often these codes are released how many are of those i just know that if the person is already in the app he or she can refer other people and you can refer up to five people from one account so yeah that's that's what it is um i don't know if this app will be open to everyone anywhere soon um yeah i was thinking maybe like this app is just banned in all other countries except us or something like that so for example it's only available in united states but blocking europe but no no it's not the case it's just pinterest trying to bring more attention to this app uh just by uh uh yeah uh bringing uh more uh and more people more hype around it everyone is just going through asking their friends either if there are on this app and trying to get in um so uh yep that's basically that um so here you can get help uh you can enter in white code as well and yeah you can log out it's not possible to do anything else um yeah so that's what it is maybe in futures i will open it up to everyone it just depends on demand um yeah that's quite unfortunate so this app is kind of a new product by pinterest team where you can collaboratively create different collages and images together uh share them um it's kind of like social media app and aimed at creators but yeah they're using the same gross tactic as a clubhouse where like some time ago everyone was just looking for invitation codes for this audio listening app and now it's all the hype is around around this app anyhow hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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