SHUFFLES APP - Your Pinterest account is on the waitlist

hello so here is shuffles app and when i download it i thought it would be available for everyone and i could try it out but seems it is in white only and when you sign in with your pinterest account it says it is on the white list so that's what it is at the moment follow us while you're waiting and the only option you have is just basically to enter in white code so you need to figure out where to get or how to get invited by friends but yeah that's what it is uh shuffles app is in white only at this moment i don't know how long this um waiting list will take uh what's the process here for some apps it can take you know from one month from three to three weeks to like a year it's just depending on their schedule how many users are on board and what they want to test and achieve resist in white code period but that's what it is if you got invited comment below already do you enjoy this app or not i also got invited so it's pretty fun it's a cool app but if you don't are not there yet don't don't struggle that much it's a nice app it's pretty addictive but it's not it's not worth your struggle

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