so here is interesting viral app which is called shuffles by pinterest so this app is built by pinterest itself and it's additional app maybe like a social media element as well and collaboration element where it says unleash your creative energy it's a new app for creative play and collective collage cut out objects from images create collages and bring them to life is animation and effects so then you can just tap download the app and then uh you will be redirected to the app store and then here is the app itself as you can see this is the preview so you can select an object and draw area to search uh collage elements to create inspiring visuals animate uh send and collaborate on these projects you can share discover trending content and have this like artwork created so want to create a festival outfit visualize your dream bedroom mood board your kind of static vibe or just express yourself by creating something beautiful strange or funny you will love shuffles snap exactly the objects you want using the camera find inspiration in massive photo library cut out objects from an image with a single tab layer rotate and resize objects into colleges add animations and effects to make our shuffles pop share privately with friends to collaborate on creative projects remix other people's shuffles to put your own spin on someone else creation so it's kind of like a combination of i don't know tik tok instagram canva it has a lot of collaboration creative process of course but it also has like social media sharing element a lot of people have reviews that it's actually quite fun and uh the way i can go to my pinterest boards and pick out any little thing to put into a collage are you kidding iconic i'm hoping as the app grows there will be a couple additions i hope that the app will be ipad friendly and i would love to use my apple pencil to cut cut out images images more precisely um so that's that unfortunately i don't think there is ipad app at this moment but the other thing is this app is in white only at this moment so uh yeah i will show you how like what the process is so for example if i just log out and here is the app i just need to have my pinterest app to be opened and then i just need to tap like continue and then it says like yeah shuffles is in white only so i logged in with my pinterest account or i can just create a new account but still i need to log in with my pinterest credentials it's not possible to just log in with apple id or create an account with google facebook apple snapchat whatever so it's only connected to pinterest because obviously pinterest built it and then you need to enter in white code you need to enter in white code here in the app so that's what it is unfortunately there is i think maybe quite long waiting list i have no idea i it's not on their website like when they should open it up to everyone in public but of course by doing this invitation code they just end adding more virality to the app itself because everyone just looking right now for this limitation codes like people asking friends especially in pinterest creative community like everyone just trying to figure out where and how to try the app first i don't think that there are some like you know country limitations that this app is available for example in us and not available in europe no it's just that yeah you need to have access to it anyhow there are already some articles in media like in techcrunch so let's just go through it so the app was launched quite quietly uh and yeah again you can put together collages using photos image cutouts and other animated effects app is currently in invite only so the users can also cut out individual objects from within an image using a tab a feature that recalls ios 16's own clever image cut out ability images and shuffles can be then rotated layered and resized the final project can be shared with friends for collaboration or posted to public groups where the other can remix the original creation in their own way uh the app description suggests it could be used for visualizing for example a room makeover fashion ideas mood boards and more so shuffles is a standalone app created by 220 pinterest innovator in the competitor team shuffles in engaging way to create publish and share visual content so there you have it and it signifies like more focus on creator driven era where consumers are prompted to make purchases through video content um so yeah and and then there are just like you know some other general descriptions here so there is not that much preview of the app i was hoping for anyways we can also read some of the reviews here um it says some people say gives me an error every time i open the app create app i would like if users were able to search my in the sticker tab seen everyone's creativity comes through is such an incredible experience and it's just what pinterest needed it's new fresh and leaves so much room for creation so there are still few bugs here and there's that's why uh yeah this uh app is still kind of in bada and it's in white only people waiting for invite by the way you can also google for test flight version and help to develop the app just trying to use test flight version but even in test flight you need to have in white code so there's no other way around it and exactly when pinterest needed super glitchy getting worse i would love it if i could actually post michael i just please fix all the glitches because i would love to use this seems app gets glitcher by the day for me elements of college is randomly delete and i still can't post one of my colleges that force closed all the time other people say it's fun so great obsessed so i think the quality of the app is pretty high though like you can see number of rating is 4.5 out of five so it's pretty cool uh but yeah the only minus is that in it is in white only in this moment and if you don't have an imitation code not much can be done so yeah that's that that's just a preview if you're already using the app just leave some comments below do you like it or not if you are not using the app yeah just wait patiently and maybe that will open it up sooner other than later and yes this was just a video if you get got a better idea what shuffles by pinterest is and what the hype is all about uh just yeah put some like subscribe to my channel i make videos about cool apps and cool projects and hope to see in the next videos

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