SHUFFLES by PINTEREST - BUGGY, Doesn’t Work - what you can do?

Shuffles by Pinterest app is really fast growing in charts.

It is invite only, but still there are a few bugs already for the people who got invite card and got in. Can't even use the code, for example. It says there is an error every time you open the app.

Super glitchy. Seems the app is getting glitchy by day. Elements of collage is randomly deleted, and I still can't post one of my collages.

Some people just can't use the app maybe on some older phone. Some shuffles are just disappearing. Whenever you publish a post, it gives an error. Great app.

Overall, I need to say this app is really amazing, and it works great. But yeah, that's what it is. I love the app. Would be good if there was an option to save shuffles to come back to later though.

Such a cool app. Hoping for a few more features, more phones, add some music, change background color, and all of that. This is such an innovative way to expand on Pinterest and it's done so well.

Okay, so overall, the reviews are super positive. It's a great idea. The one thing is, of course, it's invite-only. Everyone just wants to get in. Hopefully, the bugs will be resolved. Yeah, there you have it.

If you have any suggestions or reviews about the bugs and how you solved them, just leave it in the comments below. It can help so many people.

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