ShutEye Sleep Tracker app overview

everyone so here is this app which is called shot i sleep tracker and it's in top charts in the house and fitness category um so for sure i need to make a review of it uh so sleep soundly tonight white noise and sounds track your sleep quality snoring and sleep trekking wake up gently uh record your snoring sleep talk detail analysis of sleep quality get rid of fatigue mix sleep sounds rain and white noise and all of that so looks like a cool app so let's just open it up there are some notifications hi here is your personal sleep companion nature sounds so which content are you interested in sleep story healing music goddess meditation oh sounds good so there you have it and you can track your sleep you can also start the seven day free trials and 59.99 per year or one month for 9.99 so there you have it then you have your sleep assistant okay let's do a quick overview with this sleep assistant sleep tracker is developed by some artificial neural networks just start tracker and put your device beside you before you sleep you would see results tomorrow smart alarm this tracker shot i can tell which sleep stage you're at but our smart alarm would wake you up at the best time point waking up during light sleep feels like enough naturally rested sleep eyes if you have trouble sleeping you might take advantage of the warrior oreos audio contents so that's super cool so then shot i can generate your personal sleep report and the report you will get your sleep recording sleep quality score sleep cycle sleep analysis so definitely if you struggling with sleep or just you want to know your sleep better and track it better you can try out this app so okay let's just try out and see the app then there is a discount if you want and then here it is so here is the some sounds some stories healing music soundscape sleep meditation sleep stories and then if you want to start a new smart board you can and then wake you up so smart mode alarm you can enable that for example place device as pictured place the device phone next to your button keep the charger connected and there you have it and you need to keep the charger connected so there you have it so then you can just keep tracking and then you can set notifications so that's about it so for example this what you will get as a sleep report after your first sleep so that's like sleep efficiency sleep habits sleep advice sleep recording and all of that so yeah and then there is your profile i didn't even create an account but there it is and there's like some statistic program and all of that so [Music] yeah that's the app i think it's pretty cool and amazing so i will try it out and probably record another video with my experiences what i think is it app worth it or should you upgrade and all of that so yeah and yeah there is a lot of content here on social media so that's about it so yeah thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                          

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