Sketchar - Learn to draw - app overview & how to use

hey everyone so here's the interesting app called Sketcher learn to draw um so let's just install it and see how it might work um so yeah become a Creator and then in this app you can learn to draw effective personalized plan and Powerful tool set for drawing Syrian practice effectively combining a fun experience so yeah if you want to improve growing skills express yourself through ART try out this app of course it's available also on iPad maybe it's even better to use it on an iPad but yeah let's just do a very quick preview just just in case you're Gathering to get in this app uh what can be done here so which handed the let's introduce your name so for example I can just add that so select apps three categories which you like most uh so portraits animals artistically skilled uh not your like super beginner never tried it so sketch or activate your full access and then here you can just continue and then yeah so the app knob is starting uh it's creating some of the ideas and then you just need to start your first lesson so here are different courses uh which you can see to to learn to draw all of these things and then just like lesson uh join an alarm clock drawing a chair step by step uh like drawing all of this but then you'll need to to upgrade to Pro which is annual 69.99 or weekly 7.99 sketches uh um so here you can draw on canvas and then yeah you can just yeah so there are like you can really go deep into it I'm a complete beginner but I'm just showing you that what you can do here and then you can just follow the lines probably of this uh image and just like different brushes okay that's too big um so yeah so something like that and just move it like this and then yeah and then just repeat this sketch and try to draw it around so yeah it can be actually pretty satisfying pretty satisfying app and yeah super interesting so what you can do then you can just create art image based so for example if I want to create this okay so then uh it doesn't recognize it all the time if I want to create uh my face um yeah so then also you can just upgrade with uh your Sketcher to enable free trial so that's what you can do as well there are some other tools there's like AI portrait uh which you can generate here do you like the result and then yeah you can just generate cartoon anime brush so yeah pretty interesting uh so pixel art our mask for Snapchat color recognition so all of that you can just generate in this app and of course then you just have all these courses and lessons which yeah probably I need to take or yeah because yeah it's pretty advanced uh and you see this cool influencers here on this app like Lil Nas uh where you can learn how to draw all of these interesting images and then there are also like all these artists here which you can actually follow I guess um share this profile and then see there works you can follow them on Instagram um yeah and it's like pretty cool actually so you can just draw on your phone especially on your models or on iPad and you can create some really amazing art here and then just showcases in the community also the cool part is that you can use AR Technologies here in in the in the app and then yeah you can you can showcase all of this on your tick tock on your Instagram and get popular so yeah here is here is your account and then you can just easily sign up I didn't even sign up yet [Music] so um there you have it so I can just go and sign up create an account to save your progress so then yeah I can continue with apple with Snapchat Facebook and then yeah I can just follow some projects here so yeah that's basically the idea of the app as you can see it's kind of like a uh like Instagram as well for drawing so all my projects are being saved here under my profile so that's kind of pretty cool um you can use that and there are more and more tools being added here pixel art where you can just create stuff like this uh yeah for example if you want to create some pixel Avatar or something like that uh you can just share your art what is AR so what does it mean and then probably you can just use it and just locate it here on the screen um yeah using AR technology so that's already pretty cool yeah so you can play with it a lot with this app just to uh yeah find it out and yeah I'm not like a professional artist I'm just reading an app so just bringing your attention to this cool app so definitely give it a try um super exciting and thank you for watching

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