Skosh! - notes with friends app - NoteIt alternative

here's interesting app which is called scotch notes with friends um it's not in top charts or anywhere it just has 11 ratings but i was checking out like you know what are some similar apps to lock it widget or noted widget app and then here it seems this app is one of those i just yeah it's developed by indie developer single developer here you can see all the notes group not worth of the day share notes with friends and groups through widgets these pages make your home screen look great are a fun way to connect with and friends send notes to your friends that's displaying widgets on their home screen customize the color or sunny picture stay connected with your friends by updating your status learn something new by following public notes a cute app to send notes to your friends partner and see them on your home screen so let's just go through the app then you can also sign up so it's super easy to create an account there is no option to add a you know use google sign up or facebook but anyways let's just try with this email verification has been sent great let's just wait for it it seems it's already arrived uh yep sorry for that okay probably just verify it on my laptop okay so account has been verified so now i can just log in enter display name enter username and then i created my username so here i have my daily status live status then i can just add new friends or add a new node i want to create a new node or i can add new friends so i just need to find someone by username and see if there are some requests but seems there aren't that many people uh so yeah maybe then i can just try to add like a scotch widget and then i can just add this widget and and then i can just add widget to display a node can choose message uh anyways yeah something like that so it should work ideally like similar to a locket widget or something where you can just add a message and then just this message will appear other than that that's about it so hope it can be helpful

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