SLACK CLIPS - full overview. How to create video or audio clips in SLACK?

hey everyone so there is a new cool feature in slack which is called uh clips um so there are video and audio clips and these are basically just video or audio recordings the same as you have in whatsapp or in every other messenger but this is more for work and it implies a synchronous like video or audio messages for example you don't want to attend a specific meeting so you can just record like a quick video message to your team at like at 8 00 am just send it your team can hold the meeting at 9 00 am while you don't have time they can see a message and then you can just see the whole meeting again recorded or something like at 10 a.m something like that so this feature is available uh on only paid plans uh for all members but only on paid plans in slack so you just need to start writing some message uh or yeah and they're here in the menu there is video clip or audi audio clip so let's just show it it's actually super simple so you just say record video clip there you have it you can turn the camera off you can turn it on you can select the screen and share your screen directly in slack uh and then you can also change your facetime like your camera your microphone and then you can just tap like record recording begins hey here is a video clip in slack you can record it only to three minutes you can share screen uh also you can pause it or press space you can resume it and then you can just tap stop and this way when you just tap stop um hey here is a video clip inside so says how it works and you can download it you can retry just tap next uh your video clip and then just send now or you can also schedule it and this is yeah so this is your video clip so this is i think it's a really cool feature in slack um before for this kind of features you would need to use something called loom it's another great company um but now you can just do it natively in slack so that's amazing also you can record just an audio clip so here just it's already automatically starts recording super fast hey i want to share this message with my team how are you doing and then i'm just press stop recording and send it but there is a really amazing feature here in slack it automatically generates transcriptions so here i can just view a transcript for my audio clip uh i can view transcript i can copy it so that's amazing i can change the speed um i can delete clip share clip to save items and just listen it from any point here so yeah that's the idea that's basically how slack replaces loom you don't need loom anymore of course might be if if you are not using slack or some other service loom is still amazing but yeah that's just an overview of these features that just like launched in slack so that's amazing uh hope you liked uh this quick overview check out my website mr hack.i describe amazing apps and technologies there also check out my podcast mr hakio                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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