Sleeper Fantasy Football app - how to create an account?

so here's interesting app which is called sleeper fantasy football sleep sleeper fantasy app so here you can just install it using your face id touch id and then you can just play in fantasy leagues with your friends completely free uh fantasy football leagues fantasy lcs fantasy basketball leagues bracket mania chat blazing fast modern chat for every leak in groups and gives images and more direct message anyone anytime sleepy is where friends hang out around sports so that's the app or you can explore it and so yeah this is how it's working you can draft your perfect team chat in the app cheer your team write your pools develop your strategy research made easy uh it's over 75 000 ratings it's 136 megabytes in size so you can just open it up unless how it is working so you can just get started and then create your account you can also join with email and that's basically that so that's how you create an account

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