Sleepio app overview

so here is sleepio app the sleep improvement app uh it recently got mentioned uh in charts and uh yeah let's just explore how how it works and uh what's what the hype is all about um so improve your sleep sleep improvement program meet the proof your own personal sleep expert personalized health day or night so that's the app this is a companion app for the sleepier program you will not be able to access without sleepy account to see if you're eligible to create an account please take the sleep test at so slippery teaches you how to overcome poor sleep using evidence-based cognitive and behavioral skills and this app has this key feature sleep improvement program sleep diary help me now and all of that so if you just open the app here is what we can see and then you need to create your account or login with so let's check out if you can actually log in here so yeah as you can see i can't log in because seems like you need an account associated with the website so that's basically that uh here is also sleepier companion i don't know if it's the same developer because ltd so yeah seems it's the same developer so you can also try this out try this app as well so yeah if you if you are using it if you have access to it and you find it quite useful just leave it in the comments below

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