S’More - Dates, Friends & Fun - app overview

so here is interesting app as more dates friends and fun so let's just get it and try to install it so here in this app you can watch videos meet and chat it says dating through zero relationship are by content not headshots imagine dating experience which starts with getting to know a person before swipe swiping on them be a community-based app where content drives connections and conversations beyond a headshot i mean someone knew by watching exclusive videos interacting in rich media profiles sharing opinions so yeah it was featured in a lot of these big magazines named one of the top dating apps uh yeah this app is a bit large so it's like more than 300 megabytes so if you have older iphone or something like that it can be harder uh for you to yeah just make sure you have a lot of storage um but yeah interesting app interesting concept and i'm just eager to explore how it works exactly uh and yeah like you can see in the charts and uh yeah there is like a premium subscription there is like a free trial um so yeah um that's that uh i don't know for some reason i just can't download it but just in case yeah this is the app maybe it's kind of similar to rave or you know there was like a house party or yeah so

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