Smores app - discover new music - overview & how to use

what is Smart's app so this is an interesting app which helps you to discover music and why it's it's different from other apps like that because it has this interesting design when it kind of reminds Tick Tock feeds so you kind of sign in just with your Spotify account and the app heals like your like Tick Tock and then you can just swipe around swipe up or down and then you just have your feed here and then yeah so that's the app that allows users to discard new music through a tick tock like feed the applets you listen to a short clip of a song recommended based on your own listening history you can then swipe through the vertical feed to skip to the next one clip or like the current zombies the hard button which saves the like to your Spotify account the liked tracks will appear in the new playlist called smart Discovery or you can add the track to another pre-existing playlist if you choose so yeah you just need to tap the album cover to play yeah it's an interesting app that caught my attention then you can just like this on or you can just tap to open in Spotify um so yeah it's just uh depends like how you like to discard new songs uh sometimes you know you can just go to discover weekly playlist in Spotify or like apple music and just uh click Knack next next until you like some new song or discover a new artist or something like that here you can just swipe as you have on Tick Tock um you can pick a genre in top uh [Music] um so here you can just reset to all and then it's just uh lowers other adds all recommendations and there are some settings like you can see some snippet size you can see all of these different tracks and all of that so yeah that's basically the idea then you have your profile uh so interesting concept give uh give us try definitely um yeah it's not working with apple music at the moment it's only Spotify so get it right

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