SnapChat DUAL CAMERA - what is it? Preview

so what is Snapchat dual camera so it was just announced by yeah on product hunt by Snapchat founder uh uh Iran Spiegel that they released this new feature which is kind of resembles a bit uh be real so now you can use boss front and back camera in in Snapchat so if you just go in this screenshot you can see that there is like a on the sidebar there is like a double camera icon where you can just tap on it and then you can use two cameras front and back camera um so yeah now you can use both your front and back cameras to capture double the content at the same time explore the vertical horizontal cut out in picture-in-picture layouts to create content like never before uh submit to Spotlight and show the world how you shine there you have it uh it's interesting release however I'm I don't know like whether it's available in all countries whether it's already released or not so if I'm trying to visit this website Snapchat and then I'm just trying to open Snapchat of course I updated it uh and I still don't see it here so I um yeah I still don't see in the yeah I don't see it there so I don't know uh maybe it's not released yet everywhere but for sure super interesting feature all the social media apps these days trying to copy be real I think Instagram introduce the real feature in Instagram reels now Snapchat because be real is a number one app right now in social media for many weeks and probably months right now so probably that's what it is but check it out so look in your sidebar on Snapchat update the app and you should see this double camera icon just below your music icon yeah I don't see it yet but hopefully you can enjoy it

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