SnapChat for Web - what is it?

hello everyone so Snapchat just launched a new product which is called uh Snapchat for web so you can just go to using Chrome to start a call of pickup or chats left on mobile and this was just recently launched here on product hunt so you can see and uh explore that so Snapchat for web includes stock messaging features like chat tractions and chat reply along these lenses which will roll out soon Snapchat for web is available to Snapchat Plus subscribers now in the United States United Kingdom in Canada and more so it's uh yeah it's not yet available for for everyone uh but yeah you need also to be upgraded to Snapchat Plus to access that it's a new uh byte subscription service from Snapchat uh so it includes features like chat tracks and chats reply uh yeah so that's basically the idea of course uh Snapchat pushes you to upgrade to Snapchat Plus which is 3.99 dollars per month and then uh yeah you can enjoy some new releases before other people but I don't think it's working in all countries so it's only in uh United States United Kingdom Canada Australia and New Zealand uh in case you didn't know that that's basically the the feature of it so you can also just open web.snapchat dot com and see there and then you just need to log in with your Snapchat web Snapchat account hope this is helpful

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