SnapChat + - freezing Snap streaks

so Snapchat Plus subscribers will be able to freeze um yeah their snaps tricks so this feature didn't yet come to um to Snapchat but seems It's coming soon and yeah so that's the deal uh so Snapchat just announced that you will be able to restore your streaks if you miss one you will need to buy like one dollar for each restore but with Snapchat Plus subscribers if you just buy this 3.99 per month soon there will be a feature that the value will be completely able to freeze it and you will not lose your streaks yeah sometimes it's kind of fun gamification experience but yeah like Snapchat streaks what is that um is you get one when you snap your friend not message not text message but snap your friend within 24 hours for more than three consecutive days it's pretty hard to get one and then you will get the number like eight means eight days you snapped each other so that's that yeah it's pretty fun so stay tuned for Snapchat Plus updates

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