SnapChat Friend Solar System guide - planets meaning

so here is snapchat friendmoji solar system guide so there is a new there is a new feature in snapchat plus where you can just tap on the friends tag and then you can discover you can tap on the like best friend or all of that and then you will discover planets where your friends are located if you are best friends and but some people are confused like which emojis exactly are those like so here is mercury vanus earth mars you you peter saturn aranas and neptune so these are exactly how this planet is looking like in this feature and then uh yeah let's just explore for you so basically uh tapping on the badge on this byte which is called best friends so you can see this badge just under the name in the bottom left you need to be snapchat plus subscriber to see that and if you tap on that byte it will show you which plan that you are in their solar system with each planet representing a different position in their best friend's list for example if your friend is the sun and you are arsons their solar system that means you are their third closest friend but if you are mercury it means you are the first closest friend or if you are neptune it means your aids or something like that so yeah that's basically the idea and then if you tap you you will see this pop-up so from here it's hard to understand like which so you see like sun and this planet so it's hard to understand like which planet is that so yeah and then you can just refer to this guide to see exactly because yeah for me it's hard to identify if it's mercury or yeah or you peter or stuff like that hope this is helpful

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